Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wicked Wonderland

So, we all know there's a new album coming out from a certain band in November. But that's not the only new music on the horizon that I'm excited about.
I'm a Rocker Chick at heart. I am brashly unapologetic in my devotion to loud guitars, heavy, bluesy bass riffs, and incredibly smutty lyrics. I LOVE Hair Metal and wish it had not gone the way of the dinosaur. (But it does live on in Hair Nation on Sirius/XM Radio - Love Ya, Keith Roth!)
Those who know me are well aware of my obsession with guitar players. Specifically sexy, dark-haired axemen, of which there seems to be quite a fine selection out there.
But it's not Richie or Slash or Joe P. or Dave J. I'm excited about right now. It's Lita.
I have always been in absolute AWE of Lita Ford. She's smart, tough, gorgeous, and one HELL of a guitar player. Every guy I knew back in college got immediately turned on by the mere mention of Lita. And if somebody put one of her records on during a party... well, let's just say she did for my guy friends what Jonny does for most women.
As I've gotten older, I've gained respect for her on another level; as a mother. She stepped out of the rock-n-roll limelight to get married, have babies, and homeschool her kids. That's a big decision for anyone. I can only imagine what it must have been like for Lita. Now granted, hers has most likely not been the most ordinary motherhood experience... she's raising her kids on a private Caribbean island, after all... but I gotta say I admire her even more now than I did back in the day.
So, when I heard she's coming back with a new album on 10/06/09, I was beyond thrilled. And the timing couldn't be better... a month before The Circle. A little time to rock out with Lita before I immerse myself in all kinds of Jovi Goodness....
The title of the album is "Wicked Wonderland," which I gotta say I think is one of the coolest album titles EVER. (Note to JBJ: THIS is how you name an album, Baby!)
Some of the tracks on the album are "Crave," "Indulge," "Bed," "Scream," and "Piece (Hell Yeah)".
Sounds like great music to write FanFic to!
In honor of the Return of Lita, one of my favorite of her vids.
(Sidebar: She kinda looks like she could be Heather Locklear's big sister in this one, doesn't she?)
You can check out more info about her album on Lita's MySpace page at :
Her song "Crave" is up there for a listen, too.

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  1. Don't know her. Maybe I'm too young or I live on the wrong side of the Ocean, but I will check her out. Like the song you posted.


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