Monday, August 31, 2009

I Love This... Promotion

Well, if you read my last post, you learned that September is an exciting time in my house. Kiddo's back in school, new TV season... but it's a melancholy kind of excitement. See, I'm a Girl of Summer at heart. In fact, I HATE winter. The only good thing about winter is that it's when the NFL season is in full swing.
My idea of the perfect winter? Staying inside for 3-4 months, never venturing out into the cold and snow. Or better yet, living someplace where it doesn't snow AT ALL. I lived in the beautiful Arizona desert for three years, and I was in HEAVEN. If I wanted snow, I could drive north and find it (never happened, though!) Now that I live in the Northeast, I spend most of the winter stomping around the house, grumbling "I'm moving back to Goddamn PHOENIX!" My Hub just ignores me; he's used to it by now...
Anyway, I find this time of year a little bittersweet not just because I know winter will be here soon, but because baseball season is winding down. Now, as a lifelong fan of America's Pastime, I know that September is when I find some of the most exciting, competitive games of the year. After all, pennant races are in full swing, and the chase for the Wild Card spots for the playoffs are usually... well, Wild. (C'mon Cubs!) And the Playoffs and World Series are just around the corner.
This is the time of year I get NO sleep, because I can't bear to go to bed early and miss the last out of the last inning of the game I'm convinced will be THE crucial game in one of my teams' treks toward the World Series championship. Yeah, I'm usually exhausted by Halloween. In fact, the Phillies about killed me last year, when they went all the way.
Now, the last two years' Playoffs seasons have been particularly pleasurable for me, despite the fact that my beloved Cubbies choked in the first round. Why, you ask? Well because my Jersey Boys, obviously recognizing my need for comfort, decided to lend their little ditty "I Love This Town" to TBS' MLB Playoffs promotional campaign. (And YES, it is totally THEIR song...see "Musicologically Speaking...")
I got a real kick out of those commercials, not just for obvious reasons, but because I'm a sucker for baseball players acting goofy. I watch "This Week in Baseball" just for the bloopers and dugout shots. So, a bunch of cute boys in baseball pants playing air guitar and air drums to the rockin' music of the Best Damn Band on the Planet? Well, Yes, Please!!!
And now, I'm a Happy, Happy Girl yet again this morning because... drum roll, please... They're BACK! This morning's Sports Business Journal reports:
"For the third consecutive year, TBS will use the rock band Bon Jovi to promote its postseason baseball coverage — and network officials insist there isn’t a band groupie working in Atlanta."
Yeah, I'm not so sure about that groupie thing. After all, we're everywhere!
Now, I'm so excited about this that I can't wait for the details to hit the wires (as I'm sure they will later this week). And I'm too cheap to get a subscription to SBJ online, so I have to be satisfied with the little tease that popped in my Google Alert this morning. And I am, for now. I'm just happy that we'll have another Playoff Season of singing and dancing to Jovi between innings.
So, I wonder if "I Love This Town" will three-peat? Or if we'll be hearing "We Weren't Born to Follow"? My money's on WWBTF, not just for the obvious promotional reasons. It's a rockin' tune, and in my mind a little more fitting for sports promotion than ILTT. Ya know, lead the way to the World Series, get up offa your asses and PLAY... But either way, either song (or another one), I'm happy.
Now, about that rumored Super Bowl halftime show....
But first things first. September's here tomorrow, the home stretch toward the Playoffs. Division Series start October 7, so we should be seeing and hearing our Boys on TBS in a couple weeks!
So, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead... or at least in November.
UPDATE: 1:07 pm EST... OOOHH! The video is up on! (THANKS LisaMarie, for sharing!) And yes, its WWBTF... and it's HOT! Tho' I could have done without the footage of the Dodgers sweeping the Cubs in last year's playoffs, and the shot of A-Rod... But the Phillies footage was Phantastic!!! : ) And of course, there's Jonny.... But where are the rest of the Boys? *pout* And the rest of Jonny's hair? *yum* Enjoy! (To show you the level of my devotion to Bon Jovi... this is the only time I'd be caught DEAD on a Yankees website! LOL!)
P.S. - My World Series prediction? Phillies (YAY!) vs. Yankees (BOO!); Phillies repeat in 6. (Sorry, Cubbies. This ain't your year).

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  1. I have to respectfully disagree, Go Yankees! LOL

    I have two fanatics in my house and thus, I have finally succumbed to the lure of America's favorite past time. We're hoping the Yankee's go all the way this year.

    From this post I find we have a few things in common from our love of one band in particular to our total distaste for the snow and cold of the long winter months ahead of us. Glad to find someone who can sympathize.

    See ya around T's place!

    Oh, one other thing, I am totally in love with Stick to Your Guns... keep up the great work!


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