Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

So, today was my daughter's first day of the Second Grade. In her mind, that makes her just about ready for college. Big plans, that one has. We have a tradition in our house. Whenever it's a special day for someone, like a birthday, big event, etc. the "VIP" gets to pick three songs to listen to while we eat breakfast. There's ALWAYS music of some kind on in our house (unless there's a baseball or football game on TV). Well, since today was the Big Day, Kiddo got to pick. Believe me, MUCH thoughtful consideration and debate went into this decision. We're talking DAYS of deliberation... Here were her choices, her reasoning, and my Mom Psychoanalysis of what her choices may mean... Song #1 - "School's Out" - Alice Cooper Justification - " 'Cause, Mommy - Alice ROCKS!" Psychoanalysis - Manifestation of wishful thinking by kiddo...ah, if only it was the beginning of the summer again! (But she's right, Alice DOES Rock!) Song #2 - "Rock and Roll All Nite" - KISS Justification - "I LOVE that song! It makes me wanna dance!" Psychoanalysis - Possible rebellious attitude toward curriculum/homework/sleeping habits? YIKES! Hope not... Song #3 - "We Weren't Born to Follow" - Bon Jovi Justification - " 'Cause it's about just being yourself. And I like to sing 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Oh Yeah'!" Psychoanalysis - I'm SOOOO proud!!! :) Obviously the prenatal brainwashing worked.... My First Day of School Song: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..."

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