Monday, August 31, 2009

I Love This... Promotion

Well, if you read my last post, you learned that September is an exciting time in my house. Kiddo's back in school, new TV season... but it's a melancholy kind of excitement. See, I'm a Girl of Summer at heart. In fact, I HATE winter. The only good thing about winter is that it's when the NFL season is in full swing.
My idea of the perfect winter? Staying inside for 3-4 months, never venturing out into the cold and snow. Or better yet, living someplace where it doesn't snow AT ALL. I lived in the beautiful Arizona desert for three years, and I was in HEAVEN. If I wanted snow, I could drive north and find it (never happened, though!) Now that I live in the Northeast, I spend most of the winter stomping around the house, grumbling "I'm moving back to Goddamn PHOENIX!" My Hub just ignores me; he's used to it by now...
Anyway, I find this time of year a little bittersweet not just because I know winter will be here soon, but because baseball season is winding down. Now, as a lifelong fan of America's Pastime, I know that September is when I find some of the most exciting, competitive games of the year. After all, pennant races are in full swing, and the chase for the Wild Card spots for the playoffs are usually... well, Wild. (C'mon Cubs!) And the Playoffs and World Series are just around the corner.
This is the time of year I get NO sleep, because I can't bear to go to bed early and miss the last out of the last inning of the game I'm convinced will be THE crucial game in one of my teams' treks toward the World Series championship. Yeah, I'm usually exhausted by Halloween. In fact, the Phillies about killed me last year, when they went all the way.
Now, the last two years' Playoffs seasons have been particularly pleasurable for me, despite the fact that my beloved Cubbies choked in the first round. Why, you ask? Well because my Jersey Boys, obviously recognizing my need for comfort, decided to lend their little ditty "I Love This Town" to TBS' MLB Playoffs promotional campaign. (And YES, it is totally THEIR song...see "Musicologically Speaking...")
I got a real kick out of those commercials, not just for obvious reasons, but because I'm a sucker for baseball players acting goofy. I watch "This Week in Baseball" just for the bloopers and dugout shots. So, a bunch of cute boys in baseball pants playing air guitar and air drums to the rockin' music of the Best Damn Band on the Planet? Well, Yes, Please!!!
And now, I'm a Happy, Happy Girl yet again this morning because... drum roll, please... They're BACK! This morning's Sports Business Journal reports:
"For the third consecutive year, TBS will use the rock band Bon Jovi to promote its postseason baseball coverage — and network officials insist there isn’t a band groupie working in Atlanta."
Yeah, I'm not so sure about that groupie thing. After all, we're everywhere!
Now, I'm so excited about this that I can't wait for the details to hit the wires (as I'm sure they will later this week). And I'm too cheap to get a subscription to SBJ online, so I have to be satisfied with the little tease that popped in my Google Alert this morning. And I am, for now. I'm just happy that we'll have another Playoff Season of singing and dancing to Jovi between innings.
So, I wonder if "I Love This Town" will three-peat? Or if we'll be hearing "We Weren't Born to Follow"? My money's on WWBTF, not just for the obvious promotional reasons. It's a rockin' tune, and in my mind a little more fitting for sports promotion than ILTT. Ya know, lead the way to the World Series, get up offa your asses and PLAY... But either way, either song (or another one), I'm happy.
Now, about that rumored Super Bowl halftime show....
But first things first. September's here tomorrow, the home stretch toward the Playoffs. Division Series start October 7, so we should be seeing and hearing our Boys on TBS in a couple weeks!
So, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead... or at least in November.
UPDATE: 1:07 pm EST... OOOHH! The video is up on! (THANKS LisaMarie, for sharing!) And yes, its WWBTF... and it's HOT! Tho' I could have done without the footage of the Dodgers sweeping the Cubs in last year's playoffs, and the shot of A-Rod... But the Phillies footage was Phantastic!!! : ) And of course, there's Jonny.... But where are the rest of the Boys? *pout* And the rest of Jonny's hair? *yum* Enjoy! (To show you the level of my devotion to Bon Jovi... this is the only time I'd be caught DEAD on a Yankees website! LOL!)
P.S. - My World Series prediction? Phillies (YAY!) vs. Yankees (BOO!); Phillies repeat in 6. (Sorry, Cubbies. This ain't your year).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two and a Half Men + One Rock God

Well, fall is just around the corner. Kids are back in school. The Mall is actually someplace I enjoy venturing out to on a weekday again. College Football starts this weekend (WOO HOO!) It's still about 90 degrees every day... but that I can live with. That means one of my Very Favorite times of year is fast approaching... Fall TV Premiere Week. (Yes, I lead a very full and exciting life). Ah, September, when night after night after night I can curl up on the couch and bask in the glow of new programming. Well, usually on my DVR, so I don't have to watch the commercials... I'm particularly excited about September 20th, when two of my favorite comedies premiere -- "Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men" on CBS. Both are created/produced by Chuck Lorre, who is a freakin' comedy genius. They are "Must See TV" for me (sorry, NBC). Anyway, this year Two and a Half Men is gonna have a little extra somethin' that has me excited. The premiere has a cameo by Eddie Van Halen! And he plays the guitar (of course)! The episode was taped a couple weeks ago, and is supposed to be "hysterically funny." But then again, I think EVERY episode of "Men" is hilarious. I mean, Hell, how could a show with episode titles like "Prostitutes and Gelato," "Young People Have Phlegm Too," and "Did You Check With the Captain of the Flying Monkeys?" NOT be funny? Though I must say I am consistently amazed at the level of downright dirtiness they get away with on primetime TV. I saw Charlie Sheen on "Inside the Actors' Studio" awhile back and he said the same thing... that he can't believe some of the jokes in the show actually make it on air.
Ah, Charlie. He's one of my Bad Boy crushes. Has been since I saw him on that police station couch in "Ferris Beuller's Day Off," waaaaay back in 1986.
And he's still a damned fine-looking man, despite all he's put his body through. A seriously funny comedic actor, as well. Eddie's appearance won't be the first time a bona-fide Rock Star has appeared on "Men." Steven Tyler and Elvis Costello also appeared as themselves, and Enrique Iglesias played a very Handy handyman.

There have been a ton of big-name celebs who have guested on the show, as well, including Heather Locklear, Michael Clarke-Duncan, Jenna Elfman, Sean Penn, and James Earl Jones. Charlie's Dad Martin Sheen and his brother Emilio Estevez have also appeared. So, I know it's probably wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be great if JBJ showed up on an episode of "Men" sometime? He could play himself. Hell, Charlie's character lives in Malibu, so why couldn't Jonny pop by to say hello, bring a plate of cookies, sunbathe naked on the beach.... Oh, sorry. Drifted off there for a minute. And Richie has some acting under his belt, too. He's definite guest star material. Er... well, maybe not, given real-life history. After all, Charlie was married to She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named... (I still haven't forgiven her for cursing my Cubbies with her "performance" at Wrigley Field.) Well, no matter who appears on the show, I'll be watching and DVR-ing faithfully all season. It's bound to be Funny as Crap.

And as a little bonus, a "cherry-on-top" if you will, at the end of every episode Chuck Lorre posts funny little vanity cards. You never know what he's gonna come up with, but it always makes me laugh. And because they are often lengthy and hard to freeze-frame to read, he was nice enough to post them on his website. Here's a sample:

Despite the comic conceit of tonight's episode, ingesting "semi-lethal quantities of alcohol" in order to overcome the deep-seated fear that women will reject you, is a terrible idea. We, the producers of Two and a Half Men, do NOT recommend it. If you are struggling with this fear we strongly urge you to seek healthier solutions. A few to consider are: Becoming handsome. Becoming rich. Becoming a famous musician, actor, writer, director or artist. Becoming a famous athlete. Becoming a brooding loser who is also handsome. Becoming funny. Becoming thin. Becoming old. Becoming apathetic. Becoming a woman. Becoming a college professor. Becoming a religious leader. Becoming psychotic (this allows one to achieve the steely confidence bestowed by alcohol, but without the attendant liver damage). Having really big muscles and hanging around simple women. Having drugs and hanging around women who are addicted to them. Having food and hanging around hungry women. Having the inner joy that comes from knowing you're a one-of-a-kind miracle of creation, and that even if women reject you, you are still a beloved child of God... you just ain't gettin' laid tonight. If you need a good, long belly-laugh... his site is the place to get it. Or watch that crazy cheeseburger-lovin' cat on YouTube. Eddie and Charlie... Ooooh, I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it! Hurry up, September!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wicked Wonderland

So, we all know there's a new album coming out from a certain band in November. But that's not the only new music on the horizon that I'm excited about.
I'm a Rocker Chick at heart. I am brashly unapologetic in my devotion to loud guitars, heavy, bluesy bass riffs, and incredibly smutty lyrics. I LOVE Hair Metal and wish it had not gone the way of the dinosaur. (But it does live on in Hair Nation on Sirius/XM Radio - Love Ya, Keith Roth!)
Those who know me are well aware of my obsession with guitar players. Specifically sexy, dark-haired axemen, of which there seems to be quite a fine selection out there.
But it's not Richie or Slash or Joe P. or Dave J. I'm excited about right now. It's Lita.
I have always been in absolute AWE of Lita Ford. She's smart, tough, gorgeous, and one HELL of a guitar player. Every guy I knew back in college got immediately turned on by the mere mention of Lita. And if somebody put one of her records on during a party... well, let's just say she did for my guy friends what Jonny does for most women.
As I've gotten older, I've gained respect for her on another level; as a mother. She stepped out of the rock-n-roll limelight to get married, have babies, and homeschool her kids. That's a big decision for anyone. I can only imagine what it must have been like for Lita. Now granted, hers has most likely not been the most ordinary motherhood experience... she's raising her kids on a private Caribbean island, after all... but I gotta say I admire her even more now than I did back in the day.
So, when I heard she's coming back with a new album on 10/06/09, I was beyond thrilled. And the timing couldn't be better... a month before The Circle. A little time to rock out with Lita before I immerse myself in all kinds of Jovi Goodness....
The title of the album is "Wicked Wonderland," which I gotta say I think is one of the coolest album titles EVER. (Note to JBJ: THIS is how you name an album, Baby!)
Some of the tracks on the album are "Crave," "Indulge," "Bed," "Scream," and "Piece (Hell Yeah)".
Sounds like great music to write FanFic to!
In honor of the Return of Lita, one of my favorite of her vids.
(Sidebar: She kinda looks like she could be Heather Locklear's big sister in this one, doesn't she?)
You can check out more info about her album on Lita's MySpace page at :
Her song "Crave" is up there for a listen, too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

So, today was my daughter's first day of the Second Grade. In her mind, that makes her just about ready for college. Big plans, that one has. We have a tradition in our house. Whenever it's a special day for someone, like a birthday, big event, etc. the "VIP" gets to pick three songs to listen to while we eat breakfast. There's ALWAYS music of some kind on in our house (unless there's a baseball or football game on TV). Well, since today was the Big Day, Kiddo got to pick. Believe me, MUCH thoughtful consideration and debate went into this decision. We're talking DAYS of deliberation... Here were her choices, her reasoning, and my Mom Psychoanalysis of what her choices may mean... Song #1 - "School's Out" - Alice Cooper Justification - " 'Cause, Mommy - Alice ROCKS!" Psychoanalysis - Manifestation of wishful thinking by kiddo...ah, if only it was the beginning of the summer again! (But she's right, Alice DOES Rock!) Song #2 - "Rock and Roll All Nite" - KISS Justification - "I LOVE that song! It makes me wanna dance!" Psychoanalysis - Possible rebellious attitude toward curriculum/homework/sleeping habits? YIKES! Hope not... Song #3 - "We Weren't Born to Follow" - Bon Jovi Justification - " 'Cause it's about just being yourself. And I like to sing 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Oh Yeah'!" Psychoanalysis - I'm SOOOO proud!!! :) Obviously the prenatal brainwashing worked.... My First Day of School Song: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Musicologically Speaking... You're Nuts

So, I have this dirty little secret. I'm a Nerd. A Law Nerd, to be more specific. I am absolutely fascinated by the law. Not so much by the legal system (since I've been involved in that for years), but with the philosophy, development, and application of law.
The rule of law is the true underpinning of civilized society. And while some would argue that our society is far from "civilized," well, let me tell ya, we're not doing too badly here in the good ol' U.S. of A. If you don't believe me, go visit an "exotic" locale like say, oh, Kabul, Afghanistan...
Anyway, I'm such a Law Nerd that I regularly read legal opinions...for fun. Yep, it's true. One of my home pages is the page for the Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court. I also follow a number of federal dockets. And since I live near Washington, DC, I occasionally sneak into a federal court room just to watch and listen.
Sometimes a gal just needs to feel like she's doing something "intellectual." Can't read Jovi-porn 24/7 after all. (Well, not that that would be BAD...)
Anyway, I had to laugh when I read this ruling, from the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. It brings together two of my very favorite things -- Bon Jovi and baseball -- so of COURSE I eagerly absorbed the legal wisdom in these pages.
If you follow Bon Jovi even slightly obsessively (and if you're reading this, chances are you do), you probably recall that a Red Sox fan/amateur musician sued Bon Jovi, TBS, the Red Sox, and several other individuals/entities, for copyright infringement. This guy apparently wrote a song back in 2004 called "Man I Really Love This Team," about his beloved Sawks.
Well, fast-forward to 2007, when TBS aired the promo for the MLB Playoffs featuring Bon Jovi performing "I Love This Town", intercut with video of various MLB teams and players. (You all know it; it was up on the Bon Jovi official site until like, yesterday). Apparently the Sox Fan didn't like this promo, and decided that TBS, Bon Jovi, et al had ripped off his Ode to the Sawks and used it for their personal gain.
So anyway, I'm not gonna hash out the details of the case here, you can read it yourself if you choose. However, I gotta say that I enjoyed the Court's analysis and opinion. The Court granted the defendants' (Bon Jovi et al) motion for Summary Judgment, which meant that there wasn't "a genuine need for trial." In the analysis, the Court noted the "evidence" presented by "Expert Musicologists" from both parties.
Now the thing that really made laugh were the excerpts from the reports of the Expert Musicologists, i.e. "This case is not strong musicologically." I didn't know "musicologically" was even a word. Huh. You learn something new every day.
The Court said: "(The Court) has also carefully listened to the Steele Song and the Bon Jovi Song and viewed both the original TBS promo and the version provided by the plaintiff... (and) detects no musical similarity between the Steele Song and the Bon Jovi song."
Well, Duh. I could have told you that, and I'm not even an "expert."
But think how much fun those law clerks must have had, listening to "I Love This Town" and watching that video over and over and over.... Damn. I need a job like that!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strap In, Here We Go...

Okay, I've finally done it. I'm finally taking the leap. My very own blog. A FREAKIN' BLOG!!! A year... hell, a month ago, I would never have thought it would come to this. But here I am. And I have some stuff to say. Most of it is crazy, wacko, completely nuts. But hey, that's who I am. I'm completely bat-shit crazy about a little thing called rock-n-roll. Specifically, for a certain bunch of Jersey Boys, who have been the "Other Men" in my life for two and a half decades. It's a love affair that shows no signs of slowing down. And I don't believe in doing anything half-assed. I'm an all-in kinda gal, for better or worse. So anyway, welcome to my little corner of the world. Come on in, stay awhile, and let me know what you think! I welcome all opinions, whether I agree with them or not. It's a free country... and I take freedom VERY seriously. And here we go.....