Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Rite of Passage

How many of you remember the first album you ever bought? Was it vinyl? Cassette? CD? I remember mine - Pat Benatar's "Crimes of Passion." It was 1980, I was 12. And yes, it was vinyl. I still have it. My parents, who were still living in the era of Elvis Presley and Bill Haley and the Comets (not that that's a bad thing, they're just a little behind), were NOT thrilled. Especially when they heard my favorite song from the album.... "Hell is for Children." Yeah. Today was one of those landmark days in our house. Today my Baby bought her very first album, with her very own money. After her guitar lesson we stopped by WalMart to pick up a couple necessities, and there she encountered the album she HAD to have, just COULDN'T live with out. "Momma?" she said, batting her insanely long, thick brown lashes at me. "Will you buy me this? PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE?" (She forgot that works on Daddy, not me). "Hmmmm..." I thought. Actually, I really wanted the music, too. But I wanted to see just how badly SHE wanted it. "Well, not today." "But Momma, PLEASE!" she begged. "Well, Baby... if you want it, you can buy it with your own money." She stopped and considered that for a moment. She won $20.00 in premiums for her projects at the county fair last week. Normally that money would be frugally squirrelled away to pay for an extra week of horseback riding camp next summer. Was this CD worth having to work a little harder for the Barn Rat Fund? I tried not to grin as I watched her little face twist into a beaming smile. "Oh yeah, Momma. I'm gonna buy it." Blame it on the love of rock and roll. Her very first album purchase? Sonic Boom, the new KISS album. (Jeez, Kid, couldn't wait for "The Circle?" LOL) I know she'll remember this day forever, just like I remember the day I walked out of Musicland with "Crimes of Passion" tucked under my arm. I wish she could have had the experience of going to a REAL record store, but hey, times have changed. She'll have it memorized by tomorrow, I guarantee. *tear* I'm so proud!

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  1. The first one I bought with my money was an LP of the Monster Mash and other Halloween songs. We bought it at the Little General Store three blocks from the house. I think I paid 3.99 for it. In fact not over 10 years ago I sold my LP's at the flea market including my autographed album WASP by Shaun Cassidy.


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