Monday, October 5, 2009

I Hate it when Work Interrupts Important Stuff...

So, Jonny snuck into D.C. again today... Well, he didn't really so much "sneak." He was a keynote speaker for World Habitat Day Opening Ceremony at the National Building Museum. JBJ is a member of the U.S. World Habitat Day Honorary Committee. Unfortunately, I don't hang out at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HQ (though I am in there occasionally for work) and I can only watch so many press office sites at one time, so I missed this one. And, to add insult to injury...I was only TWO BLOCKS AWAY at the DC Metropolitan Police HQ at the time! Grrr... One of the press releases mentioned he was scheduled to perform, so we may see some video sometime soon. Of course, it's all over the press here...NOW!!! D.C. always gets all a-Twitter (pun intended) whenever HRH comes to town: Politico Spotted: Jon Bon Jovi kicking off World Habitat Day at the National Building Museum Monday morning. Also in attendance: U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, White House Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes, and HUD Secretary Shawn Donovan, among others. Washington Post ".... Jon Bon Jovi hanging in the lobby of the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton on Monday. Tight black pants, tight black T-shirt: Rock on! Was in town to serve as a celeb rep at the U.N.'s World Habitat Day at the Building Museum." Apparently Jonny's hangin' at the Ritz! Hmmm... they have a good bar.... :) Queenie also has some great pics up on her blog. Man, he cleans up good! Jonny, Baby, next time you come to town, give me some notice and I'll clear my schedule for you, LOL!


  1. Damn! He cleans up great, but I'd love to see the pics of him in the tight black pants and tight black t-shirt. I'm just greedy, huh?


  2. T - You KNOW I'm already scouring the local press for those! LOL! :P


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